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In my History of Future topic, I have tried to make evident that my mathematics-related business life was challenged by fundamental technology developments, most now realized in Mathematica that drives the computational part of WolframAlpha the computational knowledge engine.
Not so surprisingly there is an iPhone App .
But the innovative spiral gets another drift by the Wolfram announcements of the Wolfram Alpha Web Service API , giving access to the WolframAlpha platform.
To me this means that programs can ask WolframAlpha and integrate own results into the WA result styles.
Like courseware for Go to School but not Into School or creating kind of EveryWare in any field of computational applications.
It is fantastic. Our senior software engineer Sascha Kratky will get more insight from tomorrow on, at the International Mathematica User Conference 2009.
As Stephen Wolfram says in his blog, A Big Week for WolframAlpha .

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