Technological Convertibles?

Sascha Kratky, our Senior SW Engineer, just returned from the Mathematica User Conference. After his summary in a short workshop, I feel a bit dizzy. So many advances from tying things together which have been designed and implemented in a unified way. Things are not reused in the traditional way, they are built on-top-of-themselves and provide the capabilities of, what I would call convertibles.
For my uni software plus , developers and business developers, it is difficult to keeping the pace with Wolfram's achievements in an innovative spirals that accelerates. New possible platforms, solutions, uses and users are just emerging from a fast growing technology base that is convertible.
Mathematica does not only develop in depth but it approaches a universality stage that is unprecedented in technical computing. It drives WolframAlpha widely accessible but with the API you can use WA from your desktop application.
It is close to 20 years that we have selected Mathematica as our platform for creating a new kind of business.
We have recently released mlf 2 and we will ship UnRisk 4 from tomorrow, and after a week UnRisk FACTORY 2, all grid-enabled, task-automating, multi-method, multi-language, multi-front-end. With Mathematica 7 as platform.
And shhh we are exited about what comes next.

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