Those Are The Days

6-Nov-09, Fraunhofer Institute IWS, Dresden: the first-of-three Mathematica 7 compact seminars, a joint event of Fraunhofer, Wolfram Research and my uni software plus, took place at the impressive IWS facilities.
I found it exciting, and, I believe, also the participants from ten Fraunhofer institutes.

Oliver Ruebenkoenig, Mathematica Kernel Developer, the presenter, managed to give a guided tour through the most beautiful areas of Mathematica. It is not so easy to walk through a platform that has many thousands of functions transformed into ground-breaking technologies in 2 hours; he chose a perfect balance of in-depth sessions giving full explanation on capabilities and implementations of Mathematica 7, a huge release, with overviews, always giving the link to the rich resources in the comprehensive Wolfram pages-for-users. From dynamic graphics examples to Wolfram Alpha. We had a spirited discussion with the attending Fraunhofer Researchers, from the first-viewers to the advanced mathematica users.

Andreas Kluge, IWS IT, organized the event in a great venue. It starts with the entry, with presentations of the institute's achievents and goes to a perfectly equipped seminar room. Thank you!

But I even got some extras. When I approached and left Dresden, a glistening sun made the colored leaves in the woods golden surfaces and it was the first time that I took time to enjoying a walk through the impressive Altstad and Neustadt of Dresden.
Im a very much looking forward to the next Fraunhofer Mathematica events in Freibug and St Augustin.

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