Go To School - But Not Into School

It was a beautiful, sunny late-summer weekend. With a few scattered clouds. I enjoyed it, reading about various things on my terrace.
Buildings in the neighbourhood, even being invariant in their facades, looked individual with unexpected contrasts, in the sun. I took a book on complexity-or-minimalism in architecture ....
and then some articles on complexity-or-minimalism of financial modelling, .... In the crisis, we have learned about many things in the laboratory of reality of financial markets. Shall we continue to believe in the Efficient Market Hypothesis, or change to more evolutionary modeling, simulating the behaviour of market participants?
How many further experiments in the laboratory of reality do we need?
And I refreshed my little knowledge in explorative and constructive learning. Thinking of obtaining computational power, Mathematica and comprehensive courseware from the cloud and use it for the construction of individual knowledge. Life-long.
How long will it take to de-monopolize education from location (school), person (teacher) and content (syllabus)? Forever?

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