How many cheeses?

I looked into the program of Mathematica User Cónference 2009 and when reading Wine-and-Cheese Reception I thought: "how many cheeses will people know in different territories in average?" In some, probably 7? I think, I know approx. 100, preferably French, Italian, English, Spanish, Swiss .... with very local ones like Ami-du-Chambertin, Castelmagno, Oxford Blue, Cabrales, Sbrinz, ..
Then I typed into Wolfram Alpha "cheese", knowing this is asking for static info and not computational knowledge. But yes, I got a list of more general cheese types (40?). Not bad, I thought and then "Roquefort", "Limburger", "Gruyere", ... returning useful info, like nutrition facts, nutrients compared to other food, calories, vitamins, ... Wow.

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