The 7 Deadly Sins

In WIRED, Sep-09, they presented an infographics example by mapping sins created by plotting per-capita-statistics onto the US map. Greed by income spreads, Envy by thefts, Wrath by violent crime, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Pride also on single factor stats (no sorry, Pride as overlay of the other). A nice try, but a simplification that I find poor (to say the most polite ...).
In quantitative finance, we would be lucky to be able to model greed and fear, important factors for high leveraging deal spaces and finally bubble building? But their interdependence has its dynamic in a kind of co-evolution. And greed might be good in some cases (reasonable risk taking)? And it is absolute. But envy is bad, because it is relative (to your"neighbour"). Too much envy in finance?
However, the analysis of such "irrational", "behavioral" factors might become more important. But if, we need to put all our best efforts to analyse them in multi-variant parameter spaces and apply multi-method systems, like mlf on Mathematica .
And I think, Stephen Wolfram's NKS !

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