Unrest before a new UnRisk ....

I have pre-announced UnRisk PRICING ENGINE version 4 in UnRisk Insight, titled Unrest . Testresults suggest the ralease in about 2 weeks. And we will release UnRisk FACTORY version 2 within a few days after UnRisk 4.
My Unrest comes from my responsibility to do the create awareness actions right. The new releases contain so many new features, but I want to avoid the eager-seller trap ...
In addition to many new features UnRisk 4 and UnRisk FACTORY 2 are full Mathematica 7 versions.
They use its new built-in parallelism, built-in integration tools and also its fantastic documentation framework for in-product and on-the web documentation.
But let me come back to testing.
Our FACTORY combines a grid-enabled PRICING ENGINE with a data base, a web connection layer and comprehensive UnRisk services realized in Java.
Each user-session (automated by scripts) creates a log document in form of a Mathematica 7 notebook that contains each single system-action, automatically. This notebook is re-fed into the PRICING ENGINE and allows us for comprehensive automated test cycles for interactive sessions and batch processes.
The same mechanism enables us to perform unexpected short support cycles.
Having selected Mathematica pays back manifold. UnRisk 4 will be the 16th major release in 7 years. And I need to recognize that excitement and unrest come as twins.

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