European Wolfram Technology Conference 2014 is Announced

The EWTC 2014 is announced. It was really great 2013. We had the privilege to collect four talks - including client presentations of groundbreaking projects: the UnRisk Financial Language atop the Wolfram language, machine learning framework, the PlateMod factory for the high performance simulation of rolling processes and tailor-made C Code Generation with the SymbolicC package,

EWTC 2014 will be a highlight for us also this year.

This year we will submit a talk about the valuation of a famous swap.  A Swap between "the City" and "the Bank"  that has attracted some attention. It landed at the court.

The talk will point out that scenario analytics is a must and how UnRisk and Mathematica help to explain complex concepts to non experts, whilst at the same time make the proper valuations and risk analytics for risk experts.

We are looking forward again to meeting those who make Mathematica, other solution and add on developers and users.