Intel Edison and Wolfram Language

Today, Wolfram announced to bring Wolfram Language to the New Intel SD-Card-Sized Computer.

IMO, this is not just an announcement of a technology development step - it needs to be seen in a wider context - the future of contextual technologies (our extra senses).

The announcement coincides with the Wolfram Connected Devices Project announcement.

And this seems to me is two-sided: to model connected devices (networked in the internet of things) in Wolfram Language and decentralize computational knowledge represented in Wolfram Language and Mathematica to mobile devices.

All together integrated into a "computational knowledge cloud"?

It is amazing - 25 years ago I met Mathematica …. falsely categorized as computer algebra system.
Now I am bursting with ideas how to exploit this unique technology in integrated computational finance, process and manufacturing management, … (fields where I know the requirements quite well).

I have pointed out a few non technical thoughts here (before I read the announcements).