Something Very Big Is Coming - Wolfram CLOUD

In An Open Letter to Mathematica I have pointed out how and why Mathematica has monopolized my business. The language aspect was the key. This was 2012, and I wrote " … I look forward to your new radical innovations that will enable us to drive the innovation spiral even faster"

Here we are, in late 2013. The UnRisk Financial Language is a financial language atop Wolfram Language. Quants will create their own domain specific languages (say, a model validation language) atop the UnRisk language and so on. This is how it works: If You are a Quant Developer, You can build your Risk Management Platform Quickly.

2006 we have created the UnRiskverse - its algorithms, the pricing and calibration engines, extend Mathematica's into the world of complex derivatives, portfolios, scenarios, VaRs, expected shortfalls, CVA/DVA/FVAs, … They enable us to implement most of UnRisk in UnRisk. Each UnRisk language programmer has the full Mathematica available (all language constructs, algorithms, data …)

With the announcement Something Very Big is Coming, I see the innovation spiral accelerating. It is amazing. I am really excited. Dance With Symbols influenced my thinking from the very beginning - fortunately.

Even a program is a symbol. That makes the idea of symbolic programming. The algorithms are responsible for the operational semantics. Together it becomes a knowledge-based language,

I am really looking forward to Wolfram CLOUD.