New Wolfram Pages - New Platforms - New Business Principles

Wolfram Research has redesigned an reorganized their web pages.

It is now even more emphasizing on packages motivated by usage and technologies, rather than technologies alone.

Pages that show new business principles

I see them through the lens of a developer and marketer. They are great. They describe perfectly the re-packaging of unprecedented technologies into new platforms (products) for solutions.

As developer we have taken big advantages of the enormous productive Wolfram Language and Wolfram Engine, extended it into the Universe of derivative and risk analytics - UnRisk Financial Language and UnRisk Engine (UnRisk-Q the programming power behind UnRisk).

About its benefits: A good financial language has, freedom, knowledge and brings documents to life.

Without this unparalleled productive platform, we were unable to do with less than two dozens of people what may need hundred people if utilizing any other.

When we decided to unleash this technology, we knew we will serve competitors of our UnRisk FACTORY solutions. This is the reason, why this is not a mistake.