Hidden In The Cloud?

Virtual design, predictive modeling and simulations are increasingly essential for smarter science, faster innovation, better product development, ... Tasks that need supercomputing power.

Buy a solution or use smart transparency in "a cloud" - a SaaS?

Six reasons to move to the cloud  - posted in WIRED Innovation Insights. They describe them as success factors and differential advantage. To SaaS in this post is about clients and actors utilizing cloud-based solutions. The cloud let make them better and cheaper products - so they tell the story ...

Today I read First rule of cloud club: don't talk about It - posted in WIRED Innovation Insights. That post is about technology providers using a cloud (developing and) deploying their solutions - the Cloud Club. The more they become the less they enjoy differential advantages - so, they do not tell the story ..

However, if your solution requires supercomputing power you need to check further things: availability of computational peak power, massive date streams, .. or what have you. If yo are a technology provider the same but in relation to the user base and performance distribution. And the availability of the platform you have developed your SaaS system atop. Mathematica in our case.

Our UnRisk FACTORY is a SaaS, but does not run in a cloud. And if regulators continue to force more complicated computations it will need supercomputing power when doing automated risk management, say, over night, although our valuation engines are blazingly fast.

UnRisk FACTORY and UnRisk-Q shall
  • run on simple virtualized platforms
  • utilize the valuation engines dynamically
  • manage data and valuations in one
  • administrate users according to their role
  • schedule and monitor automated tasks
  • support the application life cycle
Except Mathematica, I get this in the cloud ... 

However, let me present you the following tale: The cloud and the grass from the Eight to Late Blog. Its pointed summary: clouds don't give a damn about grass.

We are passionate about new technology, but we want to serve our customers individually ... let us continuously looking to the sky.