25 Years of Mathematica - Congratulations!

Wolfram Research celebrates 25 years of Mathematica - Stephen Wolfram: Celebrating Mathematica's First Quarter Century. Like always an enjoyable, insightful summary - a must read.

I just want to come back to a post that I wrote in reaction to Nassim Taleb's "Understanding is a poor substitute for convexity" - Research Productivity Without Mathematica - Is It Possible?

Taleb concludes from what he calls "Antifragile" that technologies, ideas and theories, opposed to physical things, age in reverse. The longer they live the longer they will stay.

I am not too sure. There are technologies that drive radical innovation that let themselves die .. ?

However, Mathematica has a lot of features for explorative, constructive learning, "labs" helping you to find breakthroughs and "factories" that do things automatically and reliable.

No, doubt it will drive its innovation spiral even faster.

I have joined the Mathematica community for 23 years now. I can even say, I have built my whole business atop Mathematica. The best business decision, I ever made.

I have a little recommendation: there are parters around that could co-create new possibilities ...

All the best for the Second Quarter Century.