Celebrating 11 Years Of UnRisk

6-Nov-12, Grand Hotel, Vienna, Austria

Theme of the Event: the co-eveolution of customer experiences and technology development in quantitative risk management.

It has a lot to do with the innovative spiral driven by advanced mathematical schemes and generic technologies. With Mathematica as platform for solutions and development systems in one.

Customer talks will show the vast variety of UnRisk/Mathematica usages and benefits.

Raiffeisen Upper Austria examines the importance of Model Validation - using UnRisk engines as universal pricing tools in trading, for 11 years now (UnRisk/Mathematica called from large Excel books).

Raiffeisen Capital Management, Austria's leading investment fund company, explains why and how they built an in-house developed integrated market risk system relying on full valuation employing historic simulation - with a GridServer version of UnRisk/Mathematica.

Solventis, Barcelona, presents their evolutionary approach when making a comprehensive valuation and risk management web service for their wide customer base - atop the UnRisk FACTORY, the VaR Universe and webUnRisk/webMathematica.

Axicorda, London, discusses smart transparency through on-demand risk and hedging analytics - building such online service on top of UnRisk-Q/Mathematica.

Deloitte Financial Advisory, explains why great auditors do not only audit and their way of applying advanced analytics in derivatives pricing through a System-as-a-Server model - with UnRisk-Q, the VaR Universe and UnRisk services (linking UnRisk/Mathematica and a data managemen system)

Credit Suisse Private Banking, Advisory Innovations, Zurich, introduces an innovative way to approach clients: explain complex financial concepts to non experts - on smart devices with new mathematical implementations by the UnRisk team.

UnRisk will present the 11 success factors.

For more info:the  Event Page.