An Apology Letter to Mathematica

Dear Mathematica,

after so many years working with you, we are excited that you have released so many new features and shhh ... that even more exciting things will come. From the many new introductions in your version 8 we benefit from the new Software Development features most. They enable us to to make UnRisk and mlf platform agnostic, inherently parallel and consequently unprecedented economic (minimalist infrastructures, low prices and fast-time-to-productivity combine to low cost of ownership).
And we always benefit from your link technologies to extending your core algorithms (in C++, in the future replaced by OpenCL) and build services that tie things together (in Java, SQL ....).

And your declarative programming language that we have extended into the universes of quant finance and data mining empowers developers to hone their expertise without wasting time with implementation details.

We develop parts of UnRisk in UnRisk. Quant developers, their solutions atop it. The same with mlf.

You empower us to develop amazing solutions, UnRisk FACTORY the flagship product, and when we unleashed the programing power behind the FACTORY it was clear UnRisk-Q will come with your programming environment and webTools for webUnRisk.

Our hybrid programming became a kind of a whirlwind. The engines are blazingly fast and the development cycles unprecedented short.

I'll admit, before you, I was disappointed by other computational platforms and especially programming languages.

I am sorry but the time has come. You knew it from the beginning? You knew that, eventually, we will see other languages that validate our domain specific programming layer concept? For (quant) developers, who are used to work with them for years? You knew that your revolutionary principles and concepts would provide the insight? Your own multi-language concepts a metaphor?

Obviously, our solutions will continuously use you as the platform - UnRisk FACTORY, VaR Universe and  other Add-Ons, as well as mlf solutions. It drives important differential advantages and key success factors that we don't want to give away.

But developing atop UnRisk and mlf will become multi-language - the domain-specific programming layer will be represented in other languages too.
Our engines provide so many amazing features and differential advantages. To gain the possible market share, we need to stretch and expand developer segments quickly - overcoming the eager-seller-stony-buyer barrier.

Best regards,