We Speak at Wolfram Technology Conference 2011

We not only attend the Wolfram Technology Conference 2011 but also speak. In "UnRisk 5 & Mathematica 8 - Blazingly fast an Insightful Analytics" we will highlight that Value at Risk (VaR) is not the end but the beginning of advance risk management processes. The VaR Universe of UnRisk 5 calculates a VaR cube for the deeper understanding of risk sources and impact of different risk factors. UnRisk's blazingly fast numerical schemes together with the computational power imposed by parallel architectures controlled by Mathematica 8 enable the calculation of such VaR cubes within minutes. 
We will point out how the UnRisk-Mathematicas programming framework makes the development of customized risk management application quick and easy. This together with the advanced visualization techniques and the ability for rapid GUI development and dynamic graphics in Mathematica 8 allow for insightful risk analytics and reporting.

It is really amazing how our decision to use Mathematica as platform for UnRisk pays back. Even the most complex components can be tied together so easily. Driving CUDA over the Grid, transaction processing, dynamic visualization, task and work-flow automation, ... 

We really look forward to joining Wolfram and other developers and users at the conference.