Constructive Math Learning Needs A Computer

In Dance with Symbols I have summarized how I entered a business life driven by the constructive aspect of computer-based math and in It Is All Numbers about the indispensable numerical treatment solving complicated real life problems.
2009, in Courseware Builder I argued why I find Mathematica ideal for building courseware demanding that computer math is taught and not math. If our aim is to help students to become competent, autonomous acting experts in their field of practice we must give them the opportunity to behave as competent and autonomous as learner too. 

Last week I enjoyed meeting Conrad Wolfram and heard about his great Computer-based Math initiative first-hand. 
It is exciting to follow this project to build a completely new math curriculum with computer-based computation at its heart - enabling learners to concentrate on conceptually interesting topics and explore and construct knowledge.
Interesting to see that the constructive-learning theory (constructionism) goes back to the early 1980s.

Mathematics is essential, if you can do it by computer. Impossible to learn it without? Computer-based Math learning IS constructive learning.