Being Tracked?

After the contribution about Alphonse Sax .... I remember, we have done some analysis of music, detecting anomalies and assess quality based on audio signals. Because signals have no memory you need to apply and adapt decision rules and this type of automated analysis is error-prone.
In Wired UK ("You are being tracked") I read about developments, triggered by the security circles, called malevolent intent detection, analyzing, say, blood oxygenation and skin temperature, heartbeat, micro expressions of the face, voice, scent, .. and even suspicious kinematic behavior - in order to read indicators of stress and anxiety?!

The Big Brother aspect is one thing that needs to be handled politically, but technically?
I think of the difficulty of distinguishing near-to-spoken singing in an opera and a punk rock sequence .... An error has no consequences for a human.
I know the approach does not seem as stupid as  the one of The 7 Deadly Sins,  and I repeat, to analyze rough market behavior, say, in finance, might create some additional info for risk management,  but I would not knowingly provide mlf to malevolent intent detectors. 

You can take this as hippocratic oath ...