What Would Newton Do?

After the 3 Mathematica seminars for Fraunhofer Gesellschaft I thought: with over 60 institutes it carries out research in hundreds of technology fields. With this coverage a broad variety of theories, models and algorithms are found, verified and validated in Industrial Research projects. How to verify and integrate this knowledge?

Isaac Newton comes in my mind, one of the most influential men in history. I do not need to repeat the broad coverage of his ground-breaking discoveries (from fundamental laws to concrete equipment building). One of the last universal scientists? His experiments were a means of verifying (not discovering) what he already knew (from a speech about him). Or, he found a proof in days for what he knew for years. An experimental natural philosopher?

In the discussion with the Fraunhofer researchers it often turned into, "how can we combine our modeling and simulation systems with the laboratory systems?" It is about, different paradigms, system breaks and the question whether hybrid systems can work?
Yes it can, Mathematica, with its multi-language link technologies and the ability for high-level declarative task programming is the platform that can tie technologies together.

Newton WITH Mathematica. Was he then more an explorative, constructive natural philosopher?

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