Final In The Castle

20-Nov-09, FIT, Institute for Applied Information Technology, organized the final-of-three Mathematica 7 compact seminars.

The Fraunhofer institute pursues a user-centered approach to information and cooperation systems design. Usability and usefulness of IT are optimized in the interplay of work practice, organization, and process design.

Harald Mathis, Head of BIOMOS, Biomolecular Optical Systems, provided the most beautiful seminar room in the castle of Birlinghoven / St. Augustin. Thank You!

Due to the IT focus of most of the attendees, Oliver Ruebenkoening emphasized on the platform character of Matematica 7 and gave full explanation on the most important link technologies.
In the spirited discussion this was also the major point: how easy Mathematica can be linked to other systems, like lab systems, data analytics systems, or control systems. Mathematica's declarative programming environment is perfect for coordinating and controlling them and apply task automation.

To me, it is always impressive, sitting in the train from Frankfurt to Siegburg/Bonn, browsing through the tunnels with over 300 km per hour. A warm! sunny Nov-day and a walk through the spacious park and woods around the castle added to my excitement.

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