Unstressed in the Air?

In the golden age of aviation an unprecedented growth in affordable light aircraft occurred, providing ambitious individuals with the means to conquer the sky. Aviators raced to be first from A to B, areal daredevils entertained through flying air shows. They flew in, say, biplanes with open cockpits and most probably controlled flights by watching their vectorising shawls ....
Later, cockpits were closed and pilots got a few instruments and when jet engines replaced classical engines they felt an unknown stress of decisions-in-the-fraction-of-a-second required (beyond the intuitive steering). It is my strong believe, that the stress-intensity held until the auto-pilot were introduced and overtook the control.
However, we know from the Hudson-river-plane-landing that expert pilots need to overrule the auto-pilot, in emergency cases.

Mathematica's core for the mathematical auto pilot is a combination of automated algorithm selection and precision control and tracking. Mathematica looks for you into te problem description, say, a Differential Equation, and automatically selects a solver and tracks the required precision alongside the process structure.
But if you know, your DE needs a special scheme, you can select it from a broad variety of adequate solvers.

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