Algorithmic Swimming

Interested in quantitative finance, I frequently read Emanuel Derman's Blog . He is one of the most influencing quants. At this time he wrote about algorithmic sports, which catalysed this:
The world swimming championships take place in Rome now. People say, records fall not only because of better training, improvements in the human minds and bodies, .... but better equipment. In swimming? 20 years ago we might have smiled politely, if somebody had come up with such a prediction.
Swimming is a sport that is pretty pure. As mathematics is a field that was always understood as pretty pure. 20 years ago most might have smiled ....
Mathematics plugged, enables radically new approaches like explorative, constructive self paced learning and mathematical problem solving? Breaking records, ...
Mathematica, the mathematical suit that not only makes you much faster because of its structure, but also makes YOU faster in doing math without it. Because your training is much better.
In sports functionaries might find ways to ban the structured swim suits and swimmers will find new ways to swim faster without it - like swimming under water in back stroke .. but one cannot ban mathematical software, because we do now algorithmic mathematics.
I wrote about constructive learning in Courseware Builder .

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