How Much Water .... ?

How much water will we have tomorrow? This is the question Verbund experts are asking to optimize their supply and trading strategies. Verbund - Austria's leading electricity producer and supplier operates over 90 hydropower plants with a combined maximum capacity of over 6K megawatts and an average annual generation of approx. 22.8 Billion kWh.
Production output is directly related to the amount of water, hence the headquarter of Verbund does predictive modeling on the availability of water. Predictions relies on a suite of methods but dominantly on neural networks.
Verbund selected the machine learning framework, because of its high-quality neural networks, which can be easily combined with other mlf methods for predictive modeling in Mathematica's declarative programming environment. The Verbund experts also find Mathematica's capabilities of importing massive date important as well as its vast variety of visualization techniques.

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