5000 Demonstrations

Wolfram has passed 5000 demonstrations published by the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. Congratulations!
Conrad Wolfram has announced this in Wolfram Blog .
I often visit this site myself. My interest is broad, but especially I browse application-oriented demonstrations (business, engineering, systems, ..).
As UnRisk developers, we use Manipulate quite extensively. How? In quantitive finance tasks can become complex and bear the danger of model and method risk that can become horrible in interplay. We test our models, algorithms and calibration schemes across comprehensive scenarios, not forgetting the pathologic cases. In the above visualisation you just see a single spot of such a dynamic visualization; the price and the vega of a complex convertible bond over the price of the underlying and time to maturity. If you do not solve the related PDE correctly and robust you get severe mis-pricing and misleading hedging parameters. Obviously we do not publish such results, but demonstrations are indispensable for our quality assurance process.
The significance is new insight without additional effort.
Sorry for not publishing the results. They enable us to develop and maintain our differential advantage.

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