Fraunhofer, 60 years Anniversary.

60 years of dedication to the future. As it stands today, Fraunhofer-Geselschaft attained a size and influence that makes it an undisputedly vital element in Germany's industrial and scientific landscape. It has close to 60 individual institutes and carries out research in hundreds of technology fields making the results available particularly in the form of research projects commissioned by industry.
In 1992, Fraunhofer has designated Mathematica as its strategic technical computing software. From biomedical engineering to industrial mathematics. With their broad coverage of research fields Fraunhofer scientists enjoy Mathematica's broad variety of algorithms with integrated symbolic and numerical computation, the management of massive scientific data, high performance computing all integrated into a highly-productive development environment with hybrid-language interaction, system integration support and innovative deployment options based on structured interactive documents or the web. Unlike other systems, Mathematica is from-one-casting.
Wolfram's flexible general license contracts made it easy to select the best arrangement for Fraunhofer's needs and growth.
I am proud to working as the local Mathematica partner with Fraunhofer from the very beginning. It is a continuous dynamic exchange of requirement specification and services.

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