All Austrian Universities

Austrian universities use Mathematica since its release with growing intensity.
A few months ago, all Austrian universities and selected colleges entered into a contract enabling 10.000 researches and 150.000 students unlimited access to Mathematica.
The project was conducted by the Austrian ministry for science and research and computing centers of the academic institutions.
Mathematica supports researchers exploring, say, the radiation in chemical reactors, risk of complex financial systems, complicated bone connections, the interplay in social structures or algorithmic composition of music. Educators to give full explanation following the latest didactic concepts. Students constructing, exploring an strengthening knowledge from interactive usage, self paced and often distance.
Based on its document-centered architecture Mathematica stimulates inter-department and inter-disciplinary collaboration.
And academic institutions can run heavy calculations and simulations on their high performance clusters, by exploiting Mathematica 7's built-in parallel computing capabilities.
I am passionate about new technologies, but I like as much to finding cooperative models for the benefit of various groups. This one ...

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