The New Is For Now

Browsing through the popular technology publications, I find data science, big data, context technologies, ... Even in the Mar-13 issue of the Wilmott magazine - after all serving the quantitative finance community - there is a cover story about news analytics (serving the big data quants?)

My view to this: big data quants - news analytics a new form of riding the price waves?

Mathematics is not outdated - but not so in at the moment

News analytics is one factor in a multi-factor strategy with white box models based on more and better mathematics. We need data to calibrate and recalibrate them.

But at the moment "nobody" seems to be interested in mathematics?!

Maybe we need to mine psychology?

Unlike used, established, tested, verified, ... the new is always temporary. New is for now. Tomorrow we get another opportunity to make something new - if we choose it. Maybe it has a market?

But we do not pander: A Workout In Computational Finance - it is about mathematical models that are understandable and computational, about solvers that do not destroy their information and about the  inverse problems of calibrating and recalibrating them to reality data. Good news: the book is available at Wiley.