We Speak at the European Wolfram Technology Conference 2013

The program of the EWTC 2013 is now published. We are involved in 4 talks.

Thomas Natschläger presents the latest achievements in mlf and its application in industrial applications.
Michaeil Schwaiger talks about programming financial services the Mathematica style in UnRisk.

Erik Parteder, about a joint project, PlateMod, in his steel company.

A few more lines on this exciting project:
Erik is a researcher and developer at voestalpine Grobblech. The project started with a high performance simulation of the rolling processes and aims now on an integrated company wide system in R&D and production. For engineers from material science, metallurgy and automation. With Mathematica as platform.

The core of the system will be the thermodynamic process simulation and control based on finite element methods with surrogate models to get the required speed.


But the architecture for the enterprise system is amazing. It is quite similar to the UnRisk FACTORY technology. That seems to be a reference architecture. And not surprisingly it is called PlateMod - FACTORY.  See the picture.

It integrates blazingly fast process control engines in C++ into Mathematica, manipulated by services that combine parallelized simulation and data management, and web services supporting the web front-end. It will utilize gridMathematica and webMathematica.

Our efforts in careful architectural design in all larger projects pay really back - as well as our deep interest in the intersection point between mathematics and computer science.