Stephen Wolfram about the Computational Future

Stephen Wolfram's Talk at SVSW 2013 in Austin. I read/watched it with great excitement. Nothing to comment or summarize.

Oh, just wait, ... one thing: ...we have been learning how to spin off companies to develop these things. And actually, we have a whole scheme now for setting up an outside fund to invest in spinoffs we are doing ...

As mentioned earlier, we are a "Mathematica-company" since 1990. Our little tools as well as industry-scale solutions have two things in common: innovation and Mathematica. And we could call our business life even a short story of being lucky. My decision enabled us to do big things, although being a comparatively small outfit. We enjoy working with great research organizations, like Fraunhofer, and have 100+ financial institutions as customers. And yes, things tie together so perfectly.

We have started a quality management project with a steel maker, applying the principle architecture of our flagship product in financial risk management - atop the Mathematica family of products. Our customer will give a talk about this innovation at the EWTC 2013.

And I want to add a little comment: in this over 20 years, I have learned that a great new company starts by standing for new approaches, demands to invest for new applications, thrives, because it is only worth doing to make a difference, requires cooperation ... But, a cooperation-based culture is not so easy to "build".