Wolfram Takes Mathematica 9 To All of Us

It just changed on the Wolfram Page - from 8 to 9.  And I am downloading it right now.
Mathematica 9 has so many new features from new computational areas to a new interface paradigm.
I can really feel the synergy between the Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha developments.

For us developers and solution integrators Mathematica 9 brings a basket of statistics and probability gifts, enhancements of time series and SDEs, integration with R and much more helping us to enrich our developments and projects in econometrics, finance, ... and realize new ideas.

It will not happen in a day but we will not only make UnRisk and machine learning framework supporting Mathematica 9 swiftly, but exploit its new capabilities.

It is an amazing new release that will also excite image and signal processing experts, designers of dynamic user interfaces, social  network examiners ...