Programming Gets Rebellious?

When I studied math (1970s), I thought: everything is math. Having looked into the intersection points of math and computer science, I tend to say: everything is programming.

When I was young, I used music to rebel. Shocking the parent generation by the loudest Rock'n Roll pieces, but within the group I promoted Thelonious Monk's "Lulu's back in town" over Little Richard's "Lucille" ...

What are the punk paradigms of programming? Is there potential for a youth rebellion?

Maybe we should teach kids simple coding, hoping coding becomes an element of youth culture. Would this lead to a changing face of rebellion? Challenge classic programming by all kind of alternate cakes - "App Youth" in addition to Sonic Youth?

Programmers have changed our world drastically, and they may even save our planet, but I see a danger that sw engineering goes too much engineering - becomes too much blueprint oriented.

p.s. I am a fan of (modern) opera, but I never would like it that much without listening also to post punk, indie rock, new wave, industrial and noise, loft jazz, minimalism, classical crossover, world music ... In short, music from John Adams to John Zorn.