Flip Learning

Recently, I have read this article in Wired Magazine Apr-12 about the reinvention of university education. It is about flipping the old model of learning by sitting in lectures.  In short, learner-centered instead of teacher-centered.

Many years ago didactics research has suggested to establish explorative, constructive learning, but is seems the final kick has come from neuroscientists who "saw" the learning process motivated by storms of enthusiasm in children's brains, media people and computer scientists who saw the tools.
Khan Academy is providing now over 3100 videos with little learning arrangements for self  paced learning. And yes, I totally agree they flip learning by motivating.

But still, is this constructive learning? Learning by doing, by playing, ...? Cycles of motivation-acquisition-intensivation-assesssment?

If constructive learning includes the process, you need a computer not only to watch videos?
Following computer-based-math learners shall do the calculations in Mathematica to get students the time to hone concepts.
But I believe the most important part of an interactive learning arrangement is programming. Write code to understand principles? Yes. In Mathematica you can do exactly this.