Remove The Irrational Fear Of New Architectures

Our senior software engineer's responsibility is to design our products for technology platforms with future.
2010 saw the beginning of the end of the Wintel area. With Microsoft adding support for ARM processors in Windows 8  and many hardware manufacturers moving away from Windows and choosing Android as an operating system platform for mobile computing devices the computing platform landscape will change considerably in the coming decade. 
One of our major tasks in 2011 with be the overhauling of the UnRisk engines code base to make it compatible with target operating systems other than Windows and to support modern processor architectures like ARM or Atom. 
The UnRisk engine code base consists now of around 700 000 lines of C++ code and an additional 200 000 lines of Mathematica code. 
The first quick outcome of this refactoring effort will be a Linux version of the UnRisk engines which will work seamlessly with all Linux platforms supported by Mathematica 8.
To make the box fast as lightning, we support hybrid CPU-GPU architectures from NVIDIA to do things that cannot be done without.
And clearly, we will continue our spade-work providing tools for integrating UnRisk and web services (webUnRisk) and mobile device support being ready for the SaaS/web revolution.