Wolfram Takes Mathematica 8 To All Of Us Now

The new release "materialized" on the Wolfram Page .  Just now.
It has so many new features and some of them, probably, have never been done before. Free-form linguistic input fruit of the Wolfram|Alpha integration as well as the combination of knowledge and computation with the provision of over 10 trillions of  curated data .......
It is amazing. Among so many great new features one thing might be even be a bit underestimated? Performance.

For us developers and solution integrators Mathematica 8 brings a full basket of software engineering gifts. In short, CUDA support, direct integration of DLLs and fast and auto-parallelized compiled-into-C-code functions. 
It will not happen in a  day or two, but we really will "fly" to dance with those features. For UnRisk and the machine learning framework 

It will allow us for building UnRisk power stations for quantitative analysts that enable them for calibration and continuous recalibration of complex models for sophisticated deal types and portfolio across scenario testing.
To do this in-time calibration time need to be reduced from 8h to 10 seconds - in a box that is still a "PC".

Boosting calculations without leaving our strategic position of driving generic technologies is possible.  With Mathematica and our optimized numerical schemes, co-created.