The Beauty of Innovation

We, at UnRisk,  spoke at Wolfram's Analytics & Risk Technology Conference. In our talks we presented results that were only possible because of 2 innovations
  • the transformation of advanced numerical schemes from complex technical system solvers to finance
  • their seamless integration into Mathematica
Does beauty exist in an novel and elegant approach? A system that works intuitively, accurate, robust and efficient? Yes? Then our innovation is beautiful.
When I think of the other practical presentations from Royal Bank of Scotland (Derek Yates,  Corporate Debt Risk Management) and King's College (William Shaw, Optimization of General Risk Measures) , we all seemed to have in common: creating beauty is not difficult, provided your foundations (let me call it kernel systems) are adequate. Mathematica presents, manipulates them and ties them together in an unprecedented elegant and efficient way. Beautiful.

No longer the world should expect the representation of complex systems in complex technologies. The beauty of innovation will matter.