The Internet Of .... II?

We want to solve more or less complex problems and provide solutions in many fields from engineering to science.  We do not only compute, but model, simulate, analyze, visualize, identify parameters, recognize features, report results ... 
If we do algorithmic mathematics, we need to develop and we want users, consequently, we deploy.
We do not want to integrate versions of computers, operating systems, tools, standard applications, ... 
We want to build generic technologies and we want to serve customers first, we make for measure.

A mathematics platform of the future shall provide
  • interpreters for free-form and syntax-tolerant input 
  • a mathematica programming environment for building domain specific languages 
  • a knowledge-manager that organizes objects, models, methods and implementations orthogonally
  • a kernel system with a vast variety of symbolic and numerical schemes
  • technologies for the integration of proprietary solvers
  • massive curated data in many fields 
  • methods for data mining and machine learning
  • dynamic visualizing
  • high performance computing capabilities in the cloud
  • web connection layers and tools
In the last weeks, I often thought about an internet of finance, an internet of medicine, an internet of environmental sciences, ...... 
Some of them will need a strict separation of the computational part and the data (like in finance, data nee to be encapsulated at the bank, but all, market observation, valuation and risk-analytics shall come from the plug).

Wolfram|Alpha has revolutionary technologies for the creation of the-internet-of ... and its core technology Mathematica in interplay with proprietary solvers allows for the preparation of the computational foundations.

A question remains to me, where are the visions, business principles, drivers .. that brings us closer to the internet of .. ?
Can we leave behind the thinking in my computer, my software-box, ... Can the makers?