We Speak at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010

We not only attend the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010 but also speak. In "UnRisk - Taming the Machine Infernal" we will highlight some of the new algorithms implemented in UnRisk utilizing the power of GPUs and the application of these algorithms to problems in quantitative finance. 
Because Mathematica is used as a universal interface to the GPU programming frameworks CUDA and OpenCL, UnRisk users are not exposed to the low-level complexities of GPU programming.
The talk stands on the stable ground of comprehensive experiments. I have compiled the results in my other blog - Taming The Machine Infernal . 
In Champaign we will present the latest results and emphasize on the architectural benefits gained by the usage of Mathematica. It is really amazing how our decision to use Mathematica as platform for UnRisk pays back. Even the most complex components can be tied together so easily. Coarse- and fine-grain parallelization, transaction processing, dynamic visualization, task and work-flow automation, ... 
We really look forward to joining Wolfram and other developers and users at the conference.