20 great foods I am not eating

The easy-to-buy-superfoods could help me to live a healthier, flat-bellied and longer life (TimesOnline).
Yes oily fish, new potatoes, olives, .. are great but in a meal often it is not the key ingredients, it is the configuration, process and work flow, the non-stick pan, the resting of meat, the relaxing of the fish, the temperatures, the timing, the sequencing, the seasoning, the semi finished ingredient making, like the stocks, ... that makes a meal not only tasty, but healthy.
I like Gordon Ramsay's cooking and his Chef's Tips (like in TimesOnline) for process-through consistency. Or Heston Blumenthal, Massimiliano Alajmo, Alain Ducasse, who also have clear cooking principles

In mathematics, we also have special functions and semi finished configurations. We might find some of them more tasty and healthy, but we want to cook them to tasty models and systems, all in a consistent process and work-flow, relying on a growing mathematical knowledge base.

Mathematical foods I am not eating? Libraries for example.

Mathematica allows me to do mathematical cooking consistently. It is a computing environment, a language, a vast knowledge base and comes with a workbench. Thousands of functions, are consistently designed to be nested and work together. It automatically selects algorithms and tunes precision. It allows me to integrate my own food.
From a 10 line program to a million-line production system. For tasty and healthy results.

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