Huginn and Muninn

the pair of ravens that flew all over the world, Midgard, and brought Odin, head of the Aesir, information (attested in the Edda, written nordic mythology). Some interprete them as ear-whisperers, some as the personification of the god's intellectual power (Huginn - thought; Muninn - mind).
However Odin worries about the return of them each day and whether he can transform information into wisdom. He also worried whether this was enough and gave one eye to get a drink from Mimsbrunn (Mimir's well), to know yet more.

We don't need to give one eye and also ravens are replaced by massive information available online. But still we need to decide how we combine modeling and data-driven methods for decision support.

We have integrated our multi-method machine learning methods into Mathematica to create computational knowledge from modeling and data mining. All implemented in machine learning framework (now on version 2), for better decisions. In business and industry. We want customers that want to turn information into values. Unlike Odin, who wanted to become all-knowing and all-mighty and finally led Asgard into Ragnarök (end of ruling powers).

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