Geologists Love Beer

Why? explained a Wired article today (with winking eyes).
It has to do with the amount of time spent outside doing fieldwork; with the many places where they do not have drinkable water. Or - my favorite: when it is hot, and you've been hiking all day carrying 50 pounds of rocks, do you want a Merlot?
But: science does not work, when people keep secrets and don't share their data (and what could better help with free flow of information).
This seems to be in a little conflict with How to Pick a Good Fight . And free flowing beer for free flowing information seems to be ineffective for a good future-facing fight?

Mathematica's declarative environment and document centered approach helps with free flow of information. But it is also a great platform for good fights. Mine innovative solvers by attacking problems with different approaches.
And you get clean Mathematica in most of the places.

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