Wolfram Alpha in Wired

Wired Magazine Jun-09. Steven Levy, "The Answer Engine". Wolfram Alpha creates awareness. Many commentaries have been written in the press. Many of them underestimate its real power, the paradigm shift, comparing to Google. Wiki, ..
IMO, very shortened Google is "know where ..?", Wiki is "know what ..?", Wolfram Alpha is "know how ..?".
I like Steven levy's commentary on Wolfram Alpha. And it reminds me that it was Steven Levy's book Artificial Life (early 90ies!) - A report from the frontier, where computers met biology that inflamed my interest in evolutionary programming and swarm intelligence (swarm approaches should have been adopted to financial risk management to expose not only credit, market. liquidity, ... risk, but also bubble-building by correlated high-volume-high-velocity deals and greed and fear should have been modeled as co-evolutionary system ?).
Not surprising that first AL implementations were in Prolog, LISP,.. but Steve Levy has at this time recognized the importance of Stephen Wolfram's ground-breaking work on Cellular Automata (leading to NKS ) AND the computational foundation for all type of more or less complex systems, Mathematica !

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  1. An interesting book about artificial inteligence and life is Daniel Suarez's "Daemon", highly recommended.